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Who We Are

Enfield Healthcare Co-operative Limited (EHCL), is an Enfield GP Federation that was established in August 2017. Its members include 47 GP practices in the Enfield Borough, with a growing registered patient list size of around 340,000.

EHCL is led by a group of experienced local GP Leaders, selected to represent their constituent localities at federation level. These Localities have formed three organisations that are networks – Enfield One Ltd covering the west of Enfield, North East Alliance Ltd covering the north east of Enfield and South East GP Ltd covering the south East of Enfield. Each company owns a proportion of the federation based on population.



Enfield GP Federation aims to support the delivery of high quality primary and community care that is equitably and consistently accessible to patients.


  • To support and improve the consistency of the primary care offer to patients
  • To support practices
  • To help deliver an improvement in the health outcomes of patients across the Borough
  • To act with integrity and confidentiality
  • To promote safe, caring and effective services
  • To facilitate patient centred services through shared decision making and communication
  • To maintain and strengthen our motivated and skilled workforce
  • To ensure effective and robust information governance systems
  • To support the integration, stability and effectiveness of Primary Care, and the sustainability of the local health economy